ECU tuning

From full OE to full motorsport
  • Motorsport standalone ECU installation, configuration and tuning
  • OE ECU tuning
  • Development and test on braked chassis dynamometer

Motorsport wiring

Custom wiring harnesses
  • Restoration, modification, rebuild of vehicle’s wiring harnesses
  • Production of standalone ECU’s adapter harnesses (“patch harness” or interconnectors) for Plug&Play installation on OEM harnesses
  • Production of club level racing and MIL SPEC motorsport wiring harnesses from scratch, with top-quality components and state of the art construction

Electronics and components supply

Online webshop
  • Motorsport Standalone ECU, accessories, sensors, gauges, dataloggers, dash displays
  • Plug&Play standalone ECU with OEM connector or with OEM adapter harness, completely configured and with base map preloaded
  • After sale assistance

Custom parts

Small batches or one-off
  • Design with 3D solid modeling software
  • CNC machining
  • Production of aluminum, steel and plastic parts (3D printing)
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